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Stellamar is proud to be the preferred recruitment partner of the some of the most progressive and well-regarded businesses across the globe. We carefully align ourselves with businesses that we think the best talent in the industry will want to work for, as well as making sure that the company that we represent also match our high standards of ethics and integrity.

Much like how we work with our candidates, we are meticulous and methodical in our approach to understanding any business that we represent – gaining a full understanding of the culture of the business before getting any details of the specific requirements for a role within that business. We believe in matching expectations, motivations and attitudes as well as basic requirements.

Stellamar offers a flexible recruitment model that matches the requirements of our clients:

Contingency Recruitment
We charge a fee based on percentage of annual salary upon successful delivery of the assignment – this method is a popular “no-win, no-fee” approach that provides flexibility for both parties.

Retained Search
We charge a “retainer fee” that guarantees our time and your exclusivity in the search and selection phase of the assignment as well as a “completion fee” for the successful delivery of the assignment. This method is best suited to roles that require extra time, extra diligence and extra discretion and is highly popular for C-suite level and directorship level appointments.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
RPO is a recruitment method where-by you (our client) transfers the management of the full life cycle of the recruitment process to us (your service provider). This is a highly popular method for short-to-medium term projects, giving your business an extra resource within a short space of time, at an overall-reduced cost. We would charge a “management fee” based on the scale of the project from a time and resource perspective.

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Stellamar can also provide the following additional solutions upon request:

  • Training
  • Documentation Vetting
  • Travel and Logistics

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