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14-November-2016 8:54
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by Stellamar

Finding the best candidate for the role is the first hurdle – next comes the question; how do I keep them happy and growing?
Investing in your staff and your environment is imperative to the growth of your company – and unfortunately HR solutions can often be overlooked in small and medium businesses and could be the reason for halted growth.

Recruiting staff and then inducting and training them into the business is an expensive and time-consuming process which can be frustrating when business managers must re-recruit and start the process again.

investing in your staff

Stellamar Employment Solutions identified that avoiding repeat recruitment fees by correctly managing your recruitment and selection process is only the first step to a happy employer/employee relationship. Ensuring that new employees will champion your business and reflect your company values is something that Stellamar saw a real need for; hence the change from “Recruitment Solutions” to “Employment Solutions” to manage the entire employee lifecycle.

Stellamar recognised that many businesses had a need for an HR function but that the need was not always big enough to require a fulltime employee and would benefit more from a bespoke HR consultancy to provide HR business support, a retained consultancy package or an ad-hoc HR consultant to be available as and when the need presents itself.
Choosing a full service or picking one of our services as when they are needed is entirely up to you.

We provide HR services for all business needs including;
- Coaching
- Recruitment and selection
- Performance management
- Attendance management
- Reward and benefit
- Employee relations
- Disciplinary and grievance

Adam Myers, Head of HR Solutions, has been an HR professional for 20 years - bringing with him a wealth of experience and knowledge. He has had a varied background in different industries including retail, recruitment and hospitality.
Adam has a well-rounded, modern and up-to date handle on how to use HR and people strategy to achieve business success, to improve and sustain your bottom line.

He has worked for large name organisations including Disney, Hamley’s of London, Morrisons, Safeway as well as consulting for some well-known names within the Maritime and Cruise Line sectors.
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